The Battle of New Orleans

A City of Chameleons

The History of New Orleans, 1780-1817

The Annexation of Louisiana, 1803

The History

This is the tale of how a small Spanish city became part of a new North American empire (the United States), grew stronger, and merrily joined in the destruction of its own father - the Spanish Empire - and the tolerant Spanish ethnic and racial culture. If the city of New Orleans truly was a city of chameleons, easily able to change their imperial loyalties and adjust to changing times, then the city's history during the years after the American annexation indicate that chameleons can be downright mean...

This is also the framework for my dissertation and eventual book on early New Orleans. As I progress through my dissertation, I hope to include abbreviated pieces of that work for use by other Latin American/early North American scholars and the general student. A few of these sections are provided below - the list will grow as the dissertation grows:

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